What is Thermal-Spray.ch?

The Thermal Spray process consultation service....


The independent consultancy for surface engineering focusing on surface treatments and coatings, especially thermal spray coatings, looking precisely at helping customers to find the answers they need, both technically and commercially in a neutral manner.


Based on more than 30 years in the industry, we are strategically focused on helping businesses using surface engineering, specifically thermal spray, to expand and grow. Working closely with clients, we help identify problems and obstacles with thermal spray coatings, materials, equipment, applications, quality or management processes which are preventing your goal achievement.  


Typically we work with your business, production, R&D and quality teams to understand key issues affecting progress and then, together, develop a solid plan that will help achieve your objectives. In contrast to other consulting organisations we remain part of the implementation plan to ensure success. Our implementation plans are based on a comprehensive, forward thinking strategy addressing issues such as:  


* Coating Applications – Thermal Spray Equipment and Materials

* Coatings, Material and Purchasing Specifications - Process audits

* Strategic Marketing Solutions - Market segment analysis - Key Account Management 

* Promotion – Website focus - Brand recognition – Product introductions

* Sales Representation - Identifying, quantifying and understanding target customers

* Quality Standards

* R&D/Innovation Processes

* IPR/Patents

We are committed to supporting business development by executing with excellence, connecting resources and businesses to achieve positive results.